How to submit your thesis by Alice Beck

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Submitting your thesis might sound or feel difficult but it’s actually really simple. Just follow these three steps.

1. Convert and title

  • Convert the word document to pdf
  • Title the document using the following format ‘PGR_submission_student surname_student first name_student number'

An example with fictional student ‘John Smith’ with student number ‘T 195765’ (the one on the back of your student card);


2. Submit

  • Go to BlackBoard home page and find the box called My Organizations
  • Enter the one that says Geographical Sciences Human Geog Postgraduate E-submission
  • Submit thesis to Turnitin on the ‘Final submission area’. Make sure that the file you are submitting is a pdf and NOT a Chrome HTML.
  • If the document has saved as a Chrome HTML use the following instructions;
  • Hover over the HTML Chrome document.
  • Right click it
  • Click Properties
  • Click General tab
  • Click Change type
  • Choose Adobe Acrobat in the list
  • Click OK
  • Click Apply then OK
  • This should reset those PDF files back to Acrobat.

3. Email about your submission

In case of any problems, ask your peers or email the admin office, happy submitting!

Lenka Hasova
Lenka Hasova
Human Geography PhD student

My dissertation looks at the use of Spatial Interaction Models and their spatial structure. I love coding in Python and R, and in a spare time, I make my own clothes.

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