Working in Browns over Christmas

What are the Rules?

You are perfectly welcome to use the buildings, including Browns, as you would in evenings or weekends, but please pay close attention to your safety. You may be working in spaces much less frequented than normal. If you are working alone, please do inform a friend/contact in regards your whereabouts.

The buildings will remain closed as it is closure period, but your cards will continue to work as they do after hours and on weekends.

Lone-working and after hours policies apply because it is a closure period. These policies and guidance can be found on the School’s share point:

IT - leaving your computer and other services

Advice from IT is to put computers into ‘sleep’ mode and switch off monitors. This advice is the same whenever you leave your PC for any length of time. Updates still run-in sleep mode.

There are various IT services available to you over the break:


Estates will automatically reduce levels of central heating over this period and will turn the systems back up, in time for temperatures to return to normal by Wednesday 5th January 2022. If you will be working in Browns over Christmas, and you dont have your own personal heater, please get in touch with one of our Rep’s, or drop message o our WhatsApp chat. There should be 2-3 oil based heaters currently availiable in Browns.

What are the covid measures?

You should stay at home as much as possible, given the current situation, but if you do want to come in, the usual rules applies:

Lenka Hasova
Lenka Hasova
Human Geography PhD student

My dissertation looks at the use of Spatial Interaction Models and their spatial structure. I love coding in Python and R, and in a spare time, I make my own clothes.

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