How to update your university profile? Easy!

Do you want to see what other people can find out about your reserach? Do you want to make sure this information is up-to-date? Look no further!

Bristol Pure Research profiles

  1. Navigate to and serach for your profile in the profile section (one of the tabs, between network and reserach outputs).

  2. Once you find your profile, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Log in to Pure


  1. Log in

  2. Click on Edit profile under your profile photo

  3. Update your main page and main information - On the first page called ‘Metadata’, you can update your name variants, connect your ORCID ID, update your profile picture, provide description of your reserach, fill up past education, add affiliation outside Bristol University and more.

  4. Once you finshed, save the changes, close the window and find the green button Add content


  1. Here you will see bunch of tabs on the left side which are the same as the tiles infront of you. They allow you to fill in any reserach, award or project you are currently working on or have workd on in the past. It also allows you to upload your CV and use your ORCID/publons/other information to set up automatic search for your publications.


Good luck!

Lenka Hasova
Lenka Hasova
Human Geography PhD student

My dissertation looks at the use of Spatial Interaction Models and their spatial structure. I love coding in Python and R, and in a spare time, I make my own clothes.

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