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Ethics Guidance 2020-21

Find empty room for your online meeting

Tools for finding availiable room This Tool allows you to look for room availiable in specific buildings for today only, so you can find room availiable for your scheduled meeting. This Tool allows you to look at the whole timetable for specific room in specific building, so you can find the best time to access you favourite room.

Find nearest shower

GitHub page for School of Geographical Sciences collaborations

includes thesis LaTex template

Latest Publications

Brows through the articles and books published by our PhDs or people in the department.

Looking for someone?

How to find people in the department.

Other PGR Documents on SharePoint

Payscale & Payday

What are the HPT Pay Scales? HERE you can find the pay scale for the HPT roles. This is a universal scale across the ehole university. When is a pay day and payroll deadline? HERE you can find the table containing the payroll deadline and the pay day date for each month in the year.

PGR Handbook

PGR Training Resources

Links to several trainning resources