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We are now allowed to return to the office in normal occupancy. This means that Browns will get busier again. Many of us will still have a lot of online meetings going on. We do ask you to not have online meetings in which you have to contribute at your desk in Browns, as that will disturb other people working there. The School will soon place a new desk in the little room in Browns. This is of course not optimal (as people will walk through that room on their way to the toilets), but it is the only option we have in Browns for now. The School is working on a more permanent solution in Browns, but that will take longer to realise.

In the mean time: there are other spaces within the School and University PGRs can use to hold on-line or group meetings. Below are notes and links to a few:

  1. The School has a room in the basement, BS3, which can be booked for on-line meetings. Please contact Vicki geog-pgadmis@bristol.ac.uk if you’d like to book that room.
  2. You can also look through the timetables for each room through here, and if neccessary book it with Danielle danielle.rubiano@bristol.ac.uk.
  3. The PGR Hub in Senate House, also has two rooms available for booking, a small one and larger seminar style room. It also has standing desks in a social area which the PGR Hub told me this morning can also be used for on-line meetings. The PGR Hub is on the 2nd floor of Senate House. More info here.
  4. At the end of the corridor on the 2nd floor of Senate House, near the PGR Hub, there are two meeting rooms that can also be booked by PGRs. The booking system will open after welcome week in October for students to access them. They can be booked through the library room booking service.
  5. The Grace Reeves study centre, when re-opened in the next week or two, also has a meeting room space that can be booked through the library services.
  6. You can find an empty room around you, using this Tool.
Isolde Glissenaar
Isolde Glissenaar
Physical Geography PhD student
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